Social Niche Marketing Mastery

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Everyone is familiar with the concept of a market, where a variety of goods, products
and services are traded. A niche market is simply a subset of the market with a
specific product focus aimed at meeting the demands of a particular target group,
such as the price range, product quality and the demographics.
In fact, basically any product that is sold can be put into a specific niche market.
However, because some products are aimed at a general target group because of the
focus of the market subset (e.g. price), these are what is commonly known as the
mainstream niche or high demand markets.
Not surprisingly, due to globalization and a world view of modern business, niche
markets have found a very important advantage in the advent of the Internet.
Internet-based niche segments of larger markets can be tapped into by savvy
entrepreneurs by the use of technologies to build websites, create blogs and other
social network based marketing strategies. This allows the niche marketer to rapidly
gain access and exposure, thereby better targeting their customer base to build
loyalty and in turn a steady and passive income stream. The reproducibility of niche
marketing allows the technique to be repeated across several other niche websites
depending on the target income level one would like to generate.
As many niches become saturated with marketers, and the market share is divided amongst increasingly more competitors, it is important to find smaller and new
undiscovered niches. Therefore, unlike traditional business, niche marketers also
need to constantly evolve and adapt their business to the supply and demands of the
current market.
With the advent of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter researching
niche markets that will practically buy everything you can throw at them has never
been easier.
This guide will provide useful information for those who are interested in learning
more about this cutting edge market and beginning a potentially lucrative career in
niche marketing.
Throughout this book, you will learn about many of the benefits of niche marketing
and how you can successfully start your own niche marketing business.
Understanding the pros and cons of niche marketing can make going into to it much
easier and less stressful because you know what to expect before you even get
started for the most part.