MoYou-London Nail Art Image Plate Pro XL Collection – 10

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In order to apply MoYou-London designs you will need the following: 1)-For nails you will get the best possible result using MoYouTM Special Nail Lacquer, although other brands can work as a company 2 MoYouTM & Scraper. 3 MoYouTM London image plate carefully follow the instructions remove 1 blue) The protective sticker. 2) MoYouTM Nail Lacquer necessary zebra design. 3) Remove the “excess nail lacquer with MoYouTM scraper using 45o angles. 4, Pick up with MoYouTM – Stamp with a movement 5 – Stamp on your-using a roller 6 Apply MoYouTM Top Coat movement for results that last longer.MoYou-London Pro Image Collection XL Plate 10 includes 12 different designs on each plate
Each image measures 1.5cm x 2cm, 6.5cm x 12.5cm
Visit the image website for all plates, new additions every week!
Visit the Facebook page (MoYou-London) for free giveaways and competitions.
Remove the plastic cover before using the plate and follow the instructions below.