GIS-R4 Secure Internet Hotspot Gateway with custom login pages and social media login for free and billed public Internet. Advanced cybersecurity blocks illegal downloads with content filter and protection from hackers and malware.

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• Low cost captive portal. Tough, reliable and easy to install using the step-by-step wizard
• Allow your users to log in using Facebook, Email or unique login code
• Custom branded login pages to promote your business, along with customer data capture for marketing
• Redirect users to your website or Facebook page upon login
• Control Internet access to prevent guests abusing the service
• Block viruses, websites and website categories with content filtering from OpenDNS
• Retail can stop hackers stealing CC info from the PoS with PCI DSS firewall
• Remote and Cloud management, monitor equipment failures with alarms
• Limit usage with Bandwidth, Time and Data controls per user
• Use with any type of wireless access point, no limit on the number of AP’s
• Sell the Internet service with credit card billing via PayPal
• Recommended for up to 50 concurrent users with no user limits
• Recommended for Internet circuits up to 75Mb/s
Control access to the Internet for up to 50 users.
Collect names and email addresses or bill credit cards for access.
Use your logo, background or custom web design for the login page.
Works with any WiFi access point (not included).
Ticket printer available (not included).